Unit 1


Part A

Warming up

(The method of obtaining the material: The teacher records the video to give responses as examples. 

The material is prepared by the teacher himself)

Teacher’s video script (the script is in blue fonts)

  1. Where did you go on your last vacation trip? I went to a beach near my hometown.
  2. What did you do during the trip? I did a lot of activities at the beach, such as sailing, swimming, scuba diving, parasailing, and surfing. My vacation was so exciting because at the hotel I could do exciting activities too. At the hotel, I swam, played golf, and watched a magic show while having dinner.

Part B

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Useful vocabulary and expressions

Here are the vocabulary and expressions that you can use in to talk about interests and trends.

Part C

Finding information

Interview a friend with the following questions:

(The method of obtaining the material: The teacher and his student/ partner record the video to give responses as examples. The material is prepared by the teacher and his student/ partner)

Teacher’s and his student/ partner video script:

  1. Did you go on your last vacation with your parents or friends? Why?

In my last vacation, I went to the mountain with my friends because it was more exciting. We could do fun activities together. We built a camping tent and brought a portable cooker, so that we could prepared food by ourselves. We felt more independent and had more free time to enjoy the nature.  

  1. When did you go there? We went there around two years ago when I graduated from senior high school.
  2. How did you get there? We were from the same school, so we chartered a bus. It was a lot cheaper than going by cars because we shared the cost.
  3. What will you never forget about that vacation? I will never forget our friendship. I lost my wallet, but everyone in a big tent helped me. I accidentally dropped my wallet into a big hole under a gigantic tree. Can you believe it? To find my missing wallet we had to dig the ground around the hole, and it took more than two hours to get it. I thanked them for this big help and they looked so glad that I finally found my valuable item. This is my most memorable experience.

Part D


After interviewing your classmate, you have to report the result of your interview.

Don’t look at the questions. Please refer to the following notes to report.

I would like to report the result of our interview. My friend went on vacation with his/ or her … because … etc.

(The method of obtaining the material: The teacher records the video to give report as examples. The material is prepared by the teacher himself)

Vacation notes

With whom




Boring or exciting

Part E


Watch a video clip and discuss the questions that follow.

  1. Had Aisyah ever been to Miami before?
  2. What made Aisyah’s vacation a disaster?
  3. What made her relieved?
  4. What made her doubtful when she was at the restaurant?
  5. What can you learn from this conversation?

(The method of obtaining the material: The teacher records the audio, and then he records the video to discuss the questions. The material is prepared by the teacher himself)

Teacher’s video script:

It was the first time Aisyah went abroad on her vacation.

Some of her vacation was okay, but there was something terrible. First of all, it didn’t start very well. Aisyah missed her flight from New York to Miami. It was awful! Then she lost her bags, so she didn’t have spare clothes to change. She was not kidding.

Fortunately, she still had some money in her purse. The good thing about her vacation was that the hotel in Miami where she stayed in was great. The room was not only quiet, but also right on the beautiful beach. In addition, there was a shopping mall next to it, so she bought some clothes there.

The hotel had a restaurant, but she was not sure about the ingredients in the food. No one told her what to do when she was hungry. The customers in the restaurant were so busy and didn’t care about what happened to her. There were so many customers, but there was only one waiter who looked so tired. She hesitated to ask about the ingredients because of such situation. Then, she decided to order fruit and cereal. She thought it had to be halal food although the fruit was not fresh anymore.

While she was having her meal, someone approached her and sat beside her. He was Hasan, her classmate. What a coincidence! He took a vacation in Miami too. Hasan told her that the people there were friendly, but they were more straightforward than people in Indonesia. Most people in the US are generally kind, but they rarely want to help strangers. It is also common for the people there to give or receive something with their left hand. Luckily, Hasan knew a restaurant that offered halal food. It was outside the hotel, but it was not too far, so they had their lunch together in that restaurant.

Part F



Create a video of an interview about a memorable experience.

(The method of obtaining the material: The teacher uses student’s project from the previous semester)

Sample Project is already attached in the format of mp4.

All of the videos and audios in every lesson is illustrated with relevant, but interesting pictures to illustrate the topic or situations.

Here is a sample project by students.